Pens for Sale 2

Vintage fountain pens with

uniqueness of design, elegance and  refinement.

CONWAY STEWART 84 Fountain Pen, Circa 1957, Colour: blue marble, Very attractive fountain
                             pen, Clip has the CS logo with a diamond shape,  The cap has one medium
                             band, Clear and crisp inscription on barrel reads: “Conway Stewart 84, 
                             Made in England”, Solid gold nib with broad point, Stunning pen, Condition
                             is excellent/ near mint, Superb writer, Length: 4 3/4″ – 5 3/4″
                                    Conway Stewart formed beautiful pens during the 50’s

WATERMAN’S 513 Fountain Pen, Circa 1947, Colour: Light / dark grey pearl, Attractive
                             Art-Deco clip engraved with: “WATERMANS”, Three gold bands around
                             the cap signifying “top of the range”, Clear and crisp inscription on barrel
                             reads: “Waterman’s, Made in England, 513”, Medium 14 carat gold nib,
                             Smooth cap and barrel, Writes very well, Length: 5 1/8″ – 6″
                                    Waterman’s made robust and well crafted fountain pens

PARKER LADY DUOFOLD Streamlined Fountain Pen, Circa 1930, Colour: jade green, Cap has
                             the gold ribbon ring at the top along with three gold rings normally
                             associated with the DeLuxe models,  Inscription on barrel reads: “PARKER
                             DUOFOLD, Geo S Parker, Made in USA”, Solid gold medium nib is engraved
                             with: “PARKER, Duofold, Made in USA”, 14 carat gold nib, Smooth cap and
                             barrel, Condition is excellent, Lovely writer, Length: 4 3/4″ – 5 5/8″
                                    Enjoy writing with a 77 year old fountainpen.

MORRISON’S ‘ROXY’ Fountain Pen, Circa late 1930’s, Colour: green and gold, Gold cap with 
                             the engravings: “14 KT GOLD FINISH” and “ROXY”,  Clear and crisp 
                             inscription on barrel reads: “MORRISON’S FOUNTAIN PEN Co, NEW YORK,
                             USA”, Fine to medium 14 carat gold nib, Smooth cap and barrel,
                             Writes very well, Length: 5 1/4″ – 6 1/4″
                                     A pen from the roaring 30’s

SUMMIT S100 Fountain Pen, Circa 1939, Colour: black with machine chased patterning of 
                                          close fine waved lines, Trim is gold plated, One gold band on 
                                          cap and clip with a ball end, Medium to fine 14 carat gold nib
                                          which is inscribed “MENTMORE, OSMI, IRIDIUM, 14ct GOLD”,
                                          Condition is excellent, Length: 5 1/8″ – 6 1/4″
                                                     A 30’s pen in excellent condition

UNIVER by SHEAFFER Fountain Pen, Circa 1930, Colour: Black and cream, With one single
                                   gold band around the cap,  The clip on the cap has the UNIVER name
                                   along with the ball ended clip, The barrel is inscribed with “UNIVER
                                   PEN COMPANY, NEW YORK – FT MADISON USA”,  The medium to fine
                                   nib is inscribed with “UNIVER,2, Made in USA”,  Smooth and glossy
                                   body, A beautifully smooth medium/fine nib, A Lady’s pen, Conditon is
                                   excellent, Length: 4 3/8″ – 5 1/2″
                                   A beautiful fountain pen for a lady.

PARKER VICTORY Mark V Fountain Pen, Circa 1962, The last model of the Victory range was
                                       introduced,  The Victory had begun just after the WWII, This fifth
                                       model had an aerometric filler,  Trim is in rolled gold,  The cap has
                                       the arrow clip and one gold band,  The barrel is engraved with
                                       “PARKER VICTORY, Reg T M, Made in England”, Smooth and glossy
                                       body, The 14 carat gold nib is inscribed ” PARKER, 14K, England, 10
                                       4″, Excellent writer, Length: 5 1/4″ – 6 1/4″
                                        Parker made pens which just want to write and write

CONWAY STEWART ’58’ Fountain Pen, Circa late 1930’s, Colour: Stately black, Cap has three
                                   gold bands signifying that this pen was top of the range,  Clear
                                   inscription on barrel reads: “The Conway Stewart”, There is no number
                                   on the barrel but this must have been the forerunner to the 58 which
                                   came out after WWII,  14 carat gold medium nib,  Smooth cap and
                                   barrel, Smooth writer with the DURO nib, Length: 5 1/8″ – 6 3/8″
                                           A historic pen from the 30’s

SWAN, Mabie Todd 4260 Fountain Pen, Circa 1940, Colour: black, Cap has the ball ended clip
                             with the engraving of the Swan logo, The cap also has three cap bands
                             indicating the top of the range, The barrel is engraved with: “SWAN
                             LEVERLESS PEN, Pat No 390585, Mabie Todd & Co Ltd, Made in England”,
                             Wonderful smooth and glossy body, 14 carat gold nib, Nib is broad, Nib is
                             inscribed : “SWAN, 2, 14 ct, Mabie Todd”, Excellent writer, 
                             Length: 5 1/4″ – 6 1/8″
                            A premier piece of craftmanship by Mabie Todd