As a UK based company, who posts worldwide, it is our aim is to carefully and thoughtfully restore collectable vintage fountain pens.

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Through this e-shop we seek to offer you restored vintage fountain pens originally made with attention to qualityuniqueness of elf bar design and writing pleasure

You may be buying a vintage fountain pen for many reasons.  It could be for a gift, present or to recollect days gone by or to bring an image of past times into your mind …or just because you like it.

Whatever your reason for buying a vintage fountain pen….. it will write like a dream and give you endless enjoyment. 

Your antique pen will be despatched in a silk lined presentation box along with information about the history of your antique pen and the antique pen manufacturer plus information on how to fill your antique pen and how to care for your antique pen.

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Pens Sales : We offer you restored vintage fountain pens of quality with uniqueness of design and writing pleasure at competitive prices.
Pen Servicing and Pen Repairs : We will be happy to take your long lost fountain pen and give it a service and any required repair to return it’s original unique charm.
Pen Search : If you require a specific pen sought out for you then please contact us with the details ( see Customer Services section below ).

Why would someone wish to buy an old fountain pen?  Simply because they are beautiful writing instruments made of such high quality that would be uneconomical to produce nowadays.  A restored fountain pen quickly becomes one of our most prized possession.

The first fountain pens were first created in the 1890’s after L E Waterman had devised a method for allowing ink to drip down to the writing nib as and when it was needed.

Argueably some of the best vintage fountain pens were produced in the period 1900 up to the Second World War.  The earliest pens were made from black hard rubber and then red hard rubber and then ‘red rippled’ which was a mix of both black and red.

By the mid 1920’s a new product called celluloid used for making pens first saw it’s appearance.  The celluloid meant that fountain pens could then be manufactured in many colours.  The Parker fountain pens ( just to name one fountain pen maker ) of the early 1930’s are stunning.

Of course the detrimental effects of the ‘Depression’ years and the Second World War were nothing to the major impact of the ball-point pen in the late 1950’s.  Those fountain pen companies who took this new innovation into their business plans managed to survive but the fountain pen manufacturers who saw the ball-point pen as a fad quickly declined and ceased production.

We are constantly adding pens for sale to our website.

Fountain pens currently for sale include: Watermans, Parker, Swan Mabie Todd, Wahl Eversharp,

Burnham, Majestic, Eclipse and Conway Stewart.

Over the next short while we will add fountain pens from : Moore. Montblanc, De La Rue, Conklin, Montegrappa, Sailor and Aikin Lambert.
We want to bring to you vintage fountain pens which are not only lever filling pens but also eyedroppers, coin fillers, button fillers, piston fillers, snorkel filling systems, vacuum fillers, piston fillers and touchdown filling mechanisms.

If you do NOT see any vintage fountain pens that suit you then please advise us of your specific needs at the email address above and we will arrange to search out the vintage fountain pen on your behalf.

The pen will be despatched with notes on :                                                       
1. The history of the pen and the pen manufacturer
2. How to care for your pen
3. How to fill your pen.
All the notes are on laminated A5 sheets

  • Northern Pen Show
    22 April 2007
  • London Writing Equipment Show
    7 October 2007

Question 1 : Name a great British manufacturer with the initials MT . ?
Answer at foot of “Pens for sale – 1”
Question 2 : When did Conway Stewart introduce the Cracked Ice Design?
Was it in: a) 1924 b) 1934 or c) 1944
Answer at foot of “Pens for sale – 2”

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